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    The festive season is the perfect reason to indulge in things you wouldn’t normally, what better time of year to do so? Well, we are here to help you with your festive season budgets and have identified our top 5 tips to budgeting over this fun-filled, merry time of year.

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    Employer reconciliation refers to the submission of an accurate Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501); Employee Tax Certificates [IRP5/IT3(a)s] to be issued and if applicable , a Tax Certificate Cancellation Declaration (EMP601).

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    Organising your receipts and documents in order to prepare yourself for tax season is a task many avoid. Being organised is a crucial part of submitting a successful and correct tax return for your business and forms an imperative part of the tax season itself. The following organisation tips will assist companies and businesses in.

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    Tax can be daunting and stressful, whether it’s personal tax or business tax. What is company tax you may ask? No, it is not the same as your personal tax. Where personal income tax refers to the normal tax that is paid on your own personal monthly income alongside your UIF payment, Corporate Income Tax.

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    WHAT IS PROVISIONAL TAX? Provisional tax is not an additional or separate tax. It ensures that the taxpayer does not have to pay large amounts all at once, as the tax due is spread over the relevant year of assessment. Even though the amount is spread over the year, it still requires taxpayers to pay.

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    We can all identify with the Monday blues or mid-year slump…these leave us feeling unmotivated and negative and can definitely affect our productivity levels if we don’t get on top of them! We have put together a list of three inspiring entrepreneurs to hopefully help you feel motivated and ready for the next seven months.

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    Placing someone in charge of your accounting/finances can be a daunting task and should not be taken lightly. There are a number of things to consider when choosing an accountant and DATC are going to outline some of these below…

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    1. The importance of record keeping The appeal of having your own business is often associated with; being your own boss, having financial independence and working on your own clock. Once the opportunity comes your way and you start your “business dream”, there are added responsibilities to account for to ensure that you and your.

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    The silly season comes with a history of enthusiasm and anticipation and these festivities are notorious for the toll they take on many consumers’ bank balances. DATC (Durban Accountants and Tax Consultants) have therefore decided to provide you with some top tips for spending this festive season so that you don’t end up with a.

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    DATC provides a hands on approach to all our clients’ needs and combines 25 years of experience and credibility from the well-known PATC. Our focus is on accounting and tax services as well as guiding our clients to proper Corporate Governance practices with supporting bookkeeping and company secretarial services.

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