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Hiring A Professional Accountant Will Save You Money. Here’s Why.

As a small business owner, you might believe that only big businesses with large budgets can afford to hire a professional accountant or that hiring one might only bring further, unnecessary expenses to your budget. But that’s not the case – all businesses need to maintain proper financial records and there are accounting firms, like DATC, that can help small businesses with the same concerns. (more…)

  Gavin Bacon   Jun 03, 2016   Professional Accounting Advice   0 Comment   Read More

Should couples have separate bank accounts?

Should couples have separate bank accounts?Money can be a very sensitive subject and if we aren’t careful, it can destroy our relationships. When you stand up and commit to marrying your partner, you are committing to being one with them until the day you die, this does mean being more selfless and definitely means a shared bank account needs to be considered. You now need to make most decisions together and having a joint bank account helps to keep everything on the table and means that no secret spending can take place and cause a fight later on! (more…)

  Bridgette Donnelly   May 27, 2016   Professional Accounting Advice   0 Comment   Read More

Five Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant Today

Your relationship with your accountant should be based on trust and respect for their expertise and advice. And while this includes leaving the daily financial matters of your business up to them, it does not mean you shouldn’t take an active interest in those matters. As a business owner, it is important to know the state of your books and understand what your accountant is doing for you on a regular basis. (more…)

  Gavin Bacon   Apr 29, 2016   Professional Accounting Advice   0 Comment   Read More

Things To Include In Your 2016-2017 Budget

Following the recent budget speech, many companies are looking at their budgets and plans for 2016, reviewing, amending and improving said budgets to best suit and support their business.

It is for this reason that we have decided to identify a number of things – Important things – that we feel businesses should endeavour to include in their budget this year! (more…)

  Gavin Bacon   Mar 31, 2016   Professional Accounting Advice   0 Comment   Read More


Planning for the year ahead both financially and just in general is not always a task that comes easily. We have identified a number of tips and factors for you to take into consideration when planning for your year ahead.

• Budget, budget, budget! – even if it is just a rough one
• Develop folders and/or a filing system for slips and any important documentation if you haven’t already (more…)

  Gavin Bacon   Dec 15, 2015   Professional Accounting Advice   0 Comment   Read More
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