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Our convenient bookkeepers in Durban offers a range of options for any company need. These include:

Capturing of bank statements & invoicing on Pastel

Capturing of bank statements & supplier invoicing is a vital part of a business record keeping.

Monthly management accounts

Management may require a report on the businesses financial position and profits on a monthly basis to make informed important decisions.

Full PAYROLL services including:

PAYE EMP201 monthly returns
These returns are compulsory every month and if not submitted in time penalties are payable to SARS. They include the monthly payroll deductions from employees which are payable to SARS by the employers.

IRP5s and PAYE recons (EMP501)

PAYE recons are compulsory for all PAYE registered entities. We also issue our clients staff with their IRP5’s.


We can provide payslips for all our clients staff members on a monthly basis.

Sales invoicing and debtors age analysis

We can manage and all sales invoicing and debtors for our clients. Ensuring the correct sales figures and debtors balances along with customer statements.

Our bookkeeping services are available both monthly and annually to all our clients.

All of the above services can also be provided on a monthly retainer where all the monthly and annual services are provided for a set monthly fee. To find out more about how we can assist you with your bookkeeping, please contact us.

All our services including our bookkeeping services are available at a set monthly fee.

Talk to us about a plan which would best suite your business.

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