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  • 3 Inspiring SA Entrepreneurs

    June 23, 2015 By Gavin Bacon 0 comments

    We can all identify with the Monday blues or mid-year slump…these leave us feeling unmotivated and negative and can definitely affect our productivity levels if we don’t get on top of them! We have put together a list of three inspiring entrepreneurs to hopefully help you feel motivated and ready for the next seven months of the year. You may choose to follow these people on a social media platform or read up more on their stories, either way, once you are done, you should feel encouraged and positive about the months to come.

    #1 Mark Richard Shuttleworth

    3 Inspiring SA Entrepreneurs
    Figure 1 Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Shuttleworth

    We all know him as the first South African to travel to space, but his beginnings were not as glamourous! Shuttleworth grew up in the small town of Welkom, Orange Free State, South Africa. He then went on to study (a Bachelor of Business Science) at the University of Cape Town and ended up being involved in the installation of the first residential internet connections at the university. Shuttleworth made his money through selling his internet security software to VeriSign (earning him R3.5 billion) and went on to start and be involved in many other technology based business ventures. Mr Shuttleworth is unfortunately not very active on social media but there are plenty of YouTube video’s available if you would like some more information or inspiration from his story.

    Follow him on Google+

    #2 Ludwick Marishane

    3 Inspiring SA Entrepreneurs 2
    Figure 2 Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ludwickmarishane

    You may not have heard of this young brainbox but he is someone you should be following! Marishane was born in Limpopo and started many small businesses that never really took off, these included; a biodiesel brand, healthy cigarettes and a security magazine. He now runs HeadBoy Industries (a business that designs and commercialises new products in South Africa). The most successful product they have developed so far, is the DryBath – the world’s first bath substitute solution. Ludwick Marishane is now being referred to by entrepreneur magazine, as “the best student entrepreneur in the WORLD” and Google is claiming that he is among the 12 most intelligent young brains in the universe! If his story does not inspire you to work hard, then nothing will!

    Follow him on Twitter: @TheHeadboy

    #3 Elon Reeve Musk

    3 Inspiring SA Entrepreneurs 3
    Figure 3 Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elon_Musk

    Born in Pretoria, South Africa (now living in Los Angeles, US) Elon Musk is most definitely a successful South African entrepreneur to aspire to. Musk is a self-taught computer programmer who started out but developing computer games. He then went on to develop PayPal (formerly X.com) which was later bought by eBay.com – which most of use or have used today! But he didn’t stop there! Musk has now moved onto space travel, is the chairman of solar electric company SolarCity as well as Tesla (developing electric cars). Watch Elon Musk on Tesla’s Beginning . Musk’s story teaches us that hard work can and will pay off!

    Follow him on Twitter: @elonmusk


    We hope this has helped to feel more motivated and to put your head down and work hard…good luck with your existing or future business ventures! Contact DATC for assistance with the accounts and tax sector of your business.





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